About Krystal Preciado

Who is Krystal Preciado?

Where do I live?
Oakhurst, California-near Yosemite National Park and Bass Lake

Where do I work?
Most of the time in Yosemite, Bass Lake and Fresno, but sometimes the Central Coast and Los Angeles. In May I will shoot my first international wedding in Mexico. I can’t wait!

What are my hobbies?
Photography, photography, photography…..oh and travel

What do I do for fun?
Hang out with my husband usually mountain biking, or planning our next move in life, and of course lake days in the summer…..just mostly enjoy the life I have been blessed with.

What is my style when it comes to photography?
Fun, relaxed, and from what others tell traditional-romantic

Something I must have?
Ahhhhh! A fenced in back yard to contain my 3 little ones 🙂

Shoes I am wearing now?
Choco sandles

Favortie Restaraunt?
Chipotle burrito grill and anything Thai.

Bad habit of mine?
Ice Cream. I can never say no to ice cream

My best feature?
I’ve been told that I give too much. I’d rather be told “too much” than “not enough” 🙂

Why did I choose photography as my occupation?
I think it chose me. I had other goals but photography won me over! I feel so blessed to get to work with people on one of their most exciting and memorable days in their life!! Thank you God! I love my job!

A dream of mine?
To use my photography to open a Heart Gallery here in the Central Valley of Califonia. The Heart Gallery is an organization that displays photographs of children that are ready to be adopted. I am passionate about helping foster kids and adoption! Together We Rise is an organization that I believe in and help with fundraising:
Together We Rise/