Clients Say…

Krystal was simply amazing to work with. I knew from the moment I called her that she would be the perfect fit. The day of the wedding she was just a rockstar. She captured every moment I wanted and more. My family is very complicated and Krystal and Sean, her assistant, definitely eased each situation and honestly just made everything so easy for me. I was blown away when I received all of my wedding pictures. Every picture she took was so beautiful and I have so many favorites! Krystal and Sean, Thank you again for your hard work and just making our wedding look like a complete fairytale. I'm so happy that I can look back on your beautiful pictures and remember each and every moment of our wedding.

Brittany F. November 30, 2017

Krystal is an amazing photographer! Super down to earth and a blast to work with! We didn’t get pictures done on our wedding day, so we reached out to her a few months later to get them done. She was able to work with us and made sure that day was just as special, if not more special as the real day! She made sure to get our photos back to us quickly and they turned out gorgeous!

Sierra M. November 30, 2017

Krystal captured our wedding perfectly! She knows Yosemite Valley so well and took us to the best spots so we could capture gorgeous photos! She's hard working, very professional, but also fun and easy going. We loved working with Krystal and would recommend her highly!

Janae S. November 22, 2017

Krystal is incredibly good at what she does. Not only does she take amazing pictures, but she was beyond supportive and kind. She saved our wedding for me. She helped us navigate difficult family situations, was so committed to getting pictures we would be happy with, was endlessly patient and supportive, knew the Yosemite Valley well, and even took the time to make sure I was looking picture ready. I can't say enough good things! I'm SO happy we had her with us. She really had our best interest in mind throughout a hectic, long day.

Krystal is the best!

Darla M. June 11, 2017

Ok, Krystal is seriously the best. We got married in July at Tenaya Lodge. As we live over 4 hours away, I initially expected it to be difficult to work with a photographer from "afar". However, Krystal and I were able to connect many times before the wedding via emails, phone calls, etc. She made it easy. Our wedding day was the first time we actually met Krystal face to face. She was SO easy to work with, fun, upbeat, and helped to calm my nerves leading up to the big moment. My whole family and wedding party raved about how great she was and how much they loved the photos. Our pictures were stunning--more beautiful than we could have hoped for, and we will treasure them for many years to come. Krystal was able to truly capture "us".

Allie D. October 16, 2016

I got married in May and Krystal was my photographer. She was absolutely amazing! I was so nervous about taking pictures, but she made me feel so comfortable the whole time and was so sweet, patient, and thorough. It was a great experience! Also the place I got married at wasn't very picturesque, but she did such a great job! I couldn't believe it! I am so happy she was my photographer. She's a truly talented woman and in my opinion the best! Thanks Krystal!

Carissa C. September 25, 2016

I absolutely HATE having my picture taken. I never know how to stand, where to put my arms or how big to smile. I always look odd & awkward in pictures. I almost didn’t even hire a Wedding Photographer, because I figured I wouldn’t be happy with the pictures anyway. Boy, was I wrong! I am SO HAPPY I did hire a professional Photographer… and I am SO HAPPY that Photographer was Krystal Preciado. She is super talented and fun to work with! She knows how to make you feel comfortable, in order to capture all those naturally beautiful moments on film. And when I wasn’t sure how to stand, where to put my arms or how big to smile… Krystal offered suggestions. Whether it was a candid shot or a posed shot… our wedding photos turned out BEAUTIFUL, far beyond expectations! And we have Krystal to thank for that!

Carol G. September 11, 2016

Krystal did an amazing job photographing our wedding in Yosemite. We were married in the evening at Tenaya Lodge outside the park, but we spent the morning taking photos in the Valley. She and her assistant made us feel comfortable and relaxed enough that even my very shy husband was able to just be himself and forget the camera.
Krystal is passionate about her craft and yet flexible enough to indulge me with some of my crazy ideas.

I highly recommend Krystal; her calming direction resulted in beautiful tender photos that truly captured the day. Additionally, her followup after the wedding in providing proofs in a timely manner were spot on.

Thank you Krystal for the lovely experience and helping us to create the best day ever!

Victoria B. September 20, 2015

Let's just say Krystal saved my wedding! I had a rocky start and Krystal helped me feel like a bride again. She took her time and went out of her way to give us what we wanted. On top of how wonderful she is as a person, our photos were beyond amazing!!! People can't stop telling us how great they are. I can't wait to go back to Yosemite when I have a family and take more beautiful pictures.

Marlene K. October 16, 2014

Krystal was amazing to work with! If you are eloping in Yosemite, she's a GREAT choice! Trust me - it was difficult being from out of state and trying to find a good photographer who you could trust. Our conversation on the phone was genuine and honest. When I met her for the first time on my wedding day, she was warm and welcoming - made us all feel at ease. She laughed me and my crazy family and was having fun like the rest of us. She worked hard and fast to get a few pictures to us for our reception we were having two weeks later in our home town. They were more beautiful than I imagined. I'm beyond happy that we chose her.

Stacey C. September 30, 2014

If you're from out of state, trust this photographer - AMAZING choice!

We eloped (we're from the Midwest), so it was difficult to find a photographer we liked and trusted for California wedding. She handled all my paranoid questions extremely well when we first talked on the phone 🙂 And the first day we met, on my wedding day, she was warm and welcoming. She felt like part of the family and so easy to work with on such an important day. Her prices are also amazing (we were shocked by prices, coming from the midwest!!). She even worked hard to get us a few pictures for our reception we had 2 weeks after our wedding. And the pictures were even more beautiful than I imagined. She's a wonderful choice!!

Tara L. September 29, 2014